About Us

With a proven track record in cooking media and years of creative experience, MDM forms a group of serious talent.

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John Meyer

John's long, successful tenure in management, small business ownership, and editorial positions gives Main Dish Media a deep well of creativity and business experience to draw upon. Strengths include management, forecasting, and large scale project implementation with specialization in print editorial, recipe development, and cooking videos.

Lisa Siebenbrodt

Lisa comes to MDM with a background in graphic design, photography, cooking and publishing. After graduation from New England Culinary institute, she joined Cuisine magazine working her way up to Test Kitchen Manager. At Main Dish Media, she is the Project Manager for the Campbell's Soup account which also includes Prego, Swanson, Pepperidge Farm and Pace.

Susan Hoss

With combined degrees in English and culinary arts, Sue brings both editorial and recipe development experience to Main Dish Media. Sue handles the editorial direction and voice for the company and acts as on-air talent for cooking and technique videos.

Cinda Shambaugh

With a diverse 30-year career in all aspects of design, Cinda brings a wealth of creative talent to Main Dish Media, focusing on design, photography, food styling, and propping. She specializes in both print and video mediums with an emphasis on client interaction to find creative solutions.


Excellent recipes are just the beginning. Experience brings trust, but creativity opens the door to the future. Main Dish Media has both.